Our Mission.

To inspire tenacity and transformation for innovative thinkers. We do that by increasing psychological fortitude, reframing obstacles into opportunities, and by advocating for equitable advancement of communities around the globe.

Tritia M. Finley, PhD

CEO | LPC-S | NCC (Board Certified)

Dr. Tritia M. Finley is the Owner and Founder of Elite Performance Counseling in San Antonio, PLLC (EPC), a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) in Texas and a National Certified Counselor. She has over a decade of success with helping high achievers that range from division-1 athletes to career driven individuals. Dr. Finley's proprietary process helps her clients to provoke thought, equips them with tools for overcoming their challenges and helps them to achieve what they never thought possible.

Achieving Greatness Starts with Finding Your Own.

Elite Performance in San Antonio specializes in mental health counseling and high-performance coaching for dynamically ambitious individuals such as business executives, athletes, academics, and performing artists.

Counseling & Coaching

For Individuals

Elite Performance Counseling teaches individuals how to regulate and reframe anxiety so that it can be leveraged as energy, fuel drive, and achieve personal goals. Through our tailored and dynamic approach, EPC assists clients with developing psychological fortitude and behavioral techniques to achieve their desired results.

Mental Health & Psych Evals

For Individuals

Elite Performance Counseling identifies personal strengths and weaknesses aimed at providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

For Businesses

Learn how understanding yourself leads to more effective strategies for reducing stress and finding meaning in professional and personal settings. We also offer forensic mental health examinations and provide mental health services under a letter of protection.

Seminars & Training

Career Exploration Seminar

At Elite Performance Counseling, clients learn how to maximize their skill-sets and navigate available resources to make their educational / career ambitions a reality.

Trainings for Businesses

Elite Performance Counseling provides transformational training opportunities for groups. Dynamic discussions and activities facilitate the discovery of effective strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Wow Tritia! I am just speechless! What you did yesterday was the most healing and powerful session I could ever imagine. I literally didn’t see that coming or think something like that was deep inside of me. You literally cut through the bullshit and honed in on it like a Navy Seal! I felt “ok” before and knew something was hiding down there but I just couldn’t find it and it was this darkness that I couldn’t shake off. It was POWERFUL!

Mother of Teenage Son

My son has been doing so well since working with you. I don't know what it is but he has a new focus on what he wants to do and has immensely improved his mindset. He hasn't lost a singles tournament since we last saw you!


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