Seminars & Training
Elite Performance Counseling provides transformational training opportunities for individuals and groups. Dynamic discussions and activities facilitate the discovery of effective strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Realize the individual and group's potential to clarify goals.


Distinguish limitations from inhibitions.


Identify perceptual and psychological processes that influence how individuals interact with their environments.


Research shows employee professional development opportunities increases work engagement because of work-place satisfaction.

Increase Your Workforce Engagement

Research shows employee professional development opportunities increases work engagement because of work-place satisfaction.

Reduce counterproductive work behavior

  • Criticizing coworkers
  • Negative discussions about organization
Psychological Evaluations for Teams

Save time and effort by letting EPC help you create high-performing teams to grow your business. Our psychological assessments and unique team building approach delivers the insight needed to cultivate organizational cohesion and collaboration. Learn how understanding yourself and your team can lead to more effective strategies for reducing toxic workplace stress and increasing employee engagement. Improve workplace and employee satisfaction!

Personal Injury

Many insurance companies don’t take mental health issue seriously when it comes to personal injury. When a person has been hurt in an accident, getting quality medical care to recover and avoid permanent disability is critical—mental health care is no exception! EPC provides thorough and high-quality mental health services under Letters of Protection (LOP). If your personal injury attorney says you qualify for an LOP, working with EPC for your mental health needs may afford you benefits such as:

    • getting the medical attention needed for your psychological recovery
    • paying medical bills later without penalties and late fees
    • avoiding the need to pay medical bills with credit cards or draining your savings
    • preventing added pressure to ask family and friends for help
    • ensuring a holistic approach to recovery rather than focusing solely on physical injuries

If you were injured because of someone’s negligence, you could be eligible for compensation for damages to your mental health. Don’t let insurance companies minimize your psychological health and wellness. EPC is ready and willing to provide high quality care under LOPs. Contact us to learn more.

Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

EPC conducts forensic evaluations, which are defined as a process of forming a professional opinion for courts or other legal proceedings based on professional knowledge or expertise and supported by appropriate scientific data (ACA Code of Ethics, 2014, p.20). Referrals for forensic evaluations may originate from attorneys, judge/court, or clients personally for personal injury, immigration, fitness for duty testing, and more. EPC is skilled at developing comprehensive psychological evaluations to address the unique legal needs of our clients.


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