Achieving Greatness Starts with Finding Your Own.

Elite Performance in San Antonio specializes in mental health counseling and high-performance coaching for dynamically ambitious individuals such as business executives, athletes, academics, and performing artists.

Counseling & Coaching

Through our tailored and dynamic approach, Elite Performance Counseling assists clients with developing psychological fortitude and behavioral techniques to achieve success. Elite Performance Counseling teaches individuals how to regulate and reframe anxiety so that it can be leveraged as energy, fuel drive, and achieve personal goals.

Mental Health Evaluations

Elite Performance Counseling identifies personal strengths and weaknesses aimed at providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Our collaborative approach helps us customize evaluations to meet clients’ unique emotional and psychological needs. We provide practical feedback and support that arms clients with the power of knowledge and curated tools to enhance quality of life.

Career Counseling & College Prep

Getting ready for the next chapter of your life while performing at the top of your class doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Elite Performance Counseling, clients learn how to maximize their skill-sets and navigate available resources to make their educational / career ambitions a reality.


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